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Backgammon Information for Players

Backgammon Master is pleased to announce a general site update. You'll find loads more links to online backgammon games, backgammon merchandise sites, and more. You'll find the strategy section improved to give you even more help in becoming a backgammon winner.

If you're playing online backgammon, or you're playing backgammon games at home or in clubs, there are loads of things you'll want to know about backgammon. We'll give you everything you need, right at your fingertips.

Now it's up to you to decide where to begin. Are you itching to start a game? You can try, Backgammon at its Finest. Are you looking for some tips to help with your opening moves? If your looking for help learning how to play, keep reading.

Starting Out at Backgammon

While you can learn everything you need to get started at backgammon right here, you a lot of new backgammon players want to learn the strategies from a full backgammon guide such as Paul Magriel's Step-By-Step Guide to Backgammon or Backgammon for Serious Players by Bill Robertie. Right when you open the book, you should also open a backgammon board and set it up. It's much easier to learn when you act out a move than it is to learn by to just imagine it.

If you have a friend to learn with, that's even better because you'll both get the feel of the game with no risk. You'll get to enjoy the feeling of a game without losing too often and getting discouraged.

If you want to learn more actively, you can play online against real players on sites like backgammon-Star. You can play for free until you've really gotten your strategy down, and then you can move up to play for real money. When you're new, you'll want to play in the small-money rooms, but when you're more sure of your game, you can move up to games that will make you a lot of money, especially if you play in online backgammon tournaments.

If you're just interested in finding out the basics, and you want to work the rest out yourself, then a good place to start is with our How to Play section..

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